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Love. It makes the world go 'round, right? Well, at least that's the how the saying goes. But is it true? It should be, but so many people confuse.
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Success in a romantic relationship is based mostly on how much people try to make the relationship work. The questions in this quiz are taken from the Relationship Theories Questionnaire used by Renae Franiuk, of Aurora University, Illinois, in her research into implicit theories and relationship satisfaction and longevity. We could call it something different to make people want to identify with these romantic beliefs.

For people who score well on the growth scales, a conflict can improve the strength of the relationship. Now you have your score, what should you look out for? When relationships are struggling, people who score highly on growth scales cope best. In fact, the presence of a problem to work through can improve the strength of the relationship; couples who score highly on growth scales actually report feeling better about their relationship after a conflict has been worked through. For these people, it might be necessary for small, fairly inconsequential, issues to arise in the relationship to keep the couple focused on working together.

The more investments a couple make, the more committed they feel. They enjoy the challenge. For these reasons, growth believers will overlook big differences in compatibility. For them, compatibility might become more aligned with time — and that is something that is worth being worked on. The opposite is true for people with strong destiny beliefs, with some potentially toxic consequences.

Worse still, they may exit the relationship in a less-than-charitable manner. Perhaps because the ghoster does not feel it is worth the investment to try to maintain the relationship if the other person is not ideal for them and does not see the benefit in providing feedback. That could be positive for minor disagreements.

And the consequences can be extremely serious. Destiny believers who have been together for longer are more likely to overlook issues, fooling themselves into thinking they are a better match because of the amount of time they have been together. A spouse? A crush? Lee says the app processed "hundreds of thousands" of these conversations, many of them self-labeled with those context clues.

That provided a hefty data set of what real text conversations looked like, across various demographics and in different types of relationships. Some of the patterns were obvious—a person who says "I miss you" early in a conversation likely has the feels—but others were more Delphian. Other apps have used similar models to juice up sales pitches, advise employees on messaging the boss, or generate context-specific email replies. Boomerang, a plug-in for Gmail and Outlook, makes an AI tool that proofreads emails and suggests ways to improve them before you hit "Send.

Like any good assistant, Keigo can slide deftly into many situations: to prepare for the job interview, to win the second date, to better understand a partner after a big fight. But Teemu Huttunen, Keigo's managing director, says people are mostly using it for love. The app borrows a model from IBM's Watson, which performed a series of studies to map basic personality characteristics onto peoples' output on social media.

IBM's version translates tweets into its own "big five" traits: openness, conscientiousness, extraversion, agreeableness, and neuroticism. Keigo uses a different framework, based on Meyers-Briggs' personality assessments. Feed it a snippet of text and it'll deliver recommendations on how to talk to someone. By way of demonstration, Huttunen showed me a graph that had mapped my tweets against Oprah Winfrey's.

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The insights suggested that Oprah and I are 77 percent "compatible," and that in a conversation with her, I'd want to emphasize teamwork, my "future journey," and intuitive reciprocity. Later, Huttunen would send me an email that referenced our "inspiring" phone call, and I would wonder if Keigo had planted that choice of words. All of these apps require a real suspension of privacy—they are, after all, parsing intimate conversations. Lee says Mei anonymizes all of its conversational data, and allows users to scrub their uploads from the company's servers.

By way of caution, the app also displays this pop-up before you upload anything: "In order for Mei to give you analysis on your conversation, the conversation history needs to be uploaded to our servers. For the intrusion, Lee seems to think the payoff is enough. Right now, Mei is a novelty crush analyzer. But he likes to think about what might happen in the future, with a much bigger data set.

Are you just flirting? Are you married?

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You might be able to start building models for those things," he says. In this dream world, text-analyzing apps can do more than just tell you who to ask out. Justin Timberlake. Love Me You Sleep.

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The course of true love never did run smooth. William Shakespeare. Love True Never Run. Genuine and true love is so rare that when you encounter it in any form, it's a wonderful thing, to be utterly cherished in whatever form it takes. Gwendoline Christie. Love You Love Is True.

The dark side of believing in true love

Maybe true love isn't out there for me, but I can sublimate my loneliness with the notion that true love is out there for someone. Roxane Gay. Love Loneliness Me Love Is. True love - that is, deep, abiding love that is impervious to emotional whims or fancy - is a choice. It's a constant commitment to a person regardless of the present circumstances.

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  • Mark Manson. Love Commitment Deep True. Life is a game and true love is a trophy. Rufus Wainwright. The romantic love we feel toward the opposite sex is probably one extra help from God to bring you together, but that's it. All the rest of it, the true love, is the test. Joan Chen. Love God You Love Is. The only true love is love at first sight; second sight dispels it. Israel Zangwill.

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    Stars that shine bling in the moon night, might I find true love sqirreled away tonight? Isabel Yosito. Love Moon Stars Night.

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    Nothing can bring a real sense of security into the home except true love. Billy Graham. Love Home True Nothing Real. Fairy tales are stories of triumph and transformation and true love, all things I fervently believe in. Kate Forsyth. Love Believe True Transformation. I love my husband very much. I knew it was real true love because I felt like I could be myself around that person. Your true, true innermost authentic self, the stuff you don't let anyone else see, if you can be that way with that person, I think that that's real love.