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Dr. Silverberg is a Founding Partner of Texas Fertility Center, one of the nation's leading full-service infertility practices, providing advanced Infertility and.
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Fertility Cycle Support. Level - min. Whether your journey to fertility is underway or soon to begin, this program was created to educate, uplift, and support you through the four phases of your cycle. Please keep in mind that to get the most benefit, we suggest tracking your cycle along with this program. Props: 2 blankets.

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I agree - let's watch! Something went wrong on our end. Week 1 Beyond the Mat. This short lecture will explain the four phases of your fertility cycle, and how you can use yoga, meditation, and breathwork to support each one. You'll get tips on different methods of tracking your cycle, along with practical advice for using and scheduling the classes in the program.

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Week 2 Meditation. If you experience stress, or struggle with varying emotions throughout your fertility journey, you're not alone. This meditation can be used daily, or as often as you desire, to help ground you as you navigate the totality of your experience. We'll use visualization to shed stress, and rest in the calm awareness of the life force within.

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Helpful tip: consider listening to this class while in the doctor's waiting room. Week 3 Yoga. This sequence is all about shedding, releasing, and the downward flow. Meant for the first phase of your cycle, when your period begins, we'll practice letting go and preparing the body for a fresh start. She loves tequila, good design, reading, walking in the woods and traveling anywhere with her family.

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Three Female-led Businesses Destigmatizing Fertility Alternatives

After many months of trying, our excitement gave way to anxiety. We filled our calendar with appointments, tests, and finally, IVF. Technology and medication were failing my body so after a ton of research, we tried something different: IVF coupled with healthy lifestyle choices in nutrition, acupuncture, exercise and mental health.

While I started to tackle the physical side of fertility, the biggest emotional turning point came when I stopped treating fertility like a big secret and started talking. I started sharing my story publicly on social. My personal story has a happy ending — I am now a mom to three boys two IVF, and one natural! In short, we connect you with everything you need along your path to parenthood — from nutrition to acupuncture, mental and physical health, coaching, and more. I agree to the terms of service and privacy policy.

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