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Gladden Halya Saga, Book 1

Wednesday, 3 July Book Covers. Friday, 28 June Tuesday, 25 June Out Now! What happens when the world is no longer what it once was? Zombies now walk the earth and with it comes more dangers than just the risk of a bite from one of these undead creatures. After an attack at a camp that Taylor believed to be safe from the walking dead she is left alone with Eric until he goes missing. It isn't long before it's apparent to her that being a girl alone is a bad thing for a lot of reasons even after teaching herself to fight. A big mistake gets her into a bad predicament and to her surprise she is saved by someone she hates.

Being in an apocalypse doesn't seem to be making anything easy though. Someone she thinks is a friend turns out to be her worst opponent. Arguments with her childhood enemy no longer end with hate, but turn into passion. She thought she knew everything about him, but he tells her a secret that he is forbidden to reveal and her life almost comes to an end more times than she cares to count.

I am six years old and my name is Taylor Mckenzie, it is not Tinkerbell like my stupid neighbour, Lucian Adams keeps calling me. Ever since he moved next door four years ago he keeps annoying me. Just because he is eight he thinks he can get away with anything and because he is older parents believe him over me.

I crossed my arms over my chest and glared at him playing catch with his friend, Gordon.

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I wanted to just go over there and kick him, he had messed up my game with my dog. He had pushed over the trash can so everything went rolling away and then blamed it on Patch! Boys were definitely the worst, my sister, Trisha was always screaming at Mummy for not letting her out with boys. She was seventeen years old and she was crazy if she wanted to spend time with boys. He was so mean, but next week we would all be going to Australia. Why did they think it would be fun to invite him and his Mummy to Australia?

Yes, despite all my hopes that they would move, they still lived next door and the Australia trip had become a yearly thing since I was six. He probably knew that by now, but he never passed up a chance to say something annoying. Ebooks and Manuals

Our fights and arguments with each other had only developed more the older we got, we had mud fights, food fights, snowball fights, water fights, you name it and we had probably done it. We argued about almost anything and when a girl from school got caught in our argument she burst into tears and I realised then how strange it was that no matter what happened I never resorted to tears and in typical Lucian style he had no problem telling me how weird I was.

We all met at the front door where Dad was filling up a rucksack with bottles of water, a map, a book of Australian wildlife, some snacks and a torch. I kept up with her help, my feet had been worse than this before so I kept going. When he sped up again though I groaned and started dragging my feet before whining out. I let out a breath of relief before letting go of her hand and sitting down on a close by log.

I groaned, great we might be lost in trees full of spiders. This was the sort of thing that Lucian would do to me. He took his rucksack off and pulled water out without even stopping the shouting back and forth. After taking another mouthful of water I did it back up and waited to find out what my parents were going to do.

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She was even more frightened of spiders than I was and clearly the idea of spiders in the trees was really bothering her. Suddenly a few birds flew out of close by trees and I jumped letting out a little squeak and dropping my bottle of water having sudden images of spiders jumping out of trees at us. Lucian started laughing at me and I glared at him again before leaning down to pick up my bottle from behind the log.

Since I was still glaring at him I never looked down before picking it up and that was the biggest mistake I had ever made.

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I felt it before I looked at it, there was a sudden intense pain in my wrist making me drop my water bottle, cry out in pain and look at my wrist to find a spider biting me. It pulled its teeth out and I could actually see it rear back to bite me again when I jumped to my feet and started screaming my head off. My sore feet were forgotten, the heat from the sun seemed like nothing, all that existed was the searing pain in my wrist as I shook it trying to get it off. My Mum being the closest one to me grabbed at it suddenly making it direct its attack at her after landing on her hand.

She must really love me if she was willing to get a spider off of me when I knew how frightened she was of them. My Mum was screeching for Dad to kill it, everything seemed to move so slow and it seemed like it took forever for my Dad to get there, but I was certain he had started moving towards us the moment I had started screaming. We were both crying and my Mum shouted in between tears. My whole body was shaking and my legs felt weak, but I refused to sit on that log again.

I looked down at my wrist to see the two little holes there still bleeding. I jumped and wiped my eyes before looking away from him. I nodded against his t-shirt and gasped out. Now I was panting, that was weird. I blinked several times when he blurred into two people and I stumbled. I took one step before my legs gave way and Dad scooped me up and followed her into the trees. He handed me over quickly before scooping my Mum up and they started marching through the trees. Lucian of course kept up without a problem and was completely silent.

It depends on a number of things, I hope we are going the right way.

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I screamed and screamed until my throat was raw, but it was still there. My wrist was hurting so much where it was biting me and I just wanted my Mum there to save me and tell me it was all ok, but she never came and it never stopped biting me until my screams woke me up. A sob escaped my throat and I climbed out of what I now noticed was a hospital bed before crawling into his lap and crying against his chest.

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He wrapped his arms around me and soothed me until I had finally calmed down. I looked around the room to find Lucian and his Mum sitting in here too, but where was my Mum?

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When he refused to answer me I started screaming at him and hitting his chest. What did that mean anyway, where did she go, what was he even talking about? I sighed and slammed my locker shut before leaning against it, I was having such a bad day. First, I had, had a bad night of sleep so I was exhausted when I woke up, then I forgot that we were having a pop quiz in English so I had got a one out of ten mark, then I had been kicked out of Math for falling asleep at the desk and I had just been disqualified from a test when I asked for a new pen because mine ran out.

Get e-book Shades Of The Iris (Gladden Halya Saga, Book 1)

I swear the stupid teachers were ganging up on me to make my school experience hell. I groaned when I saw Lucian turn the corner into the hallway, great that was all I needed. We still annoyed the hell out of each other, the only time he had stopped was for around a month when we had returned from that life changing trip in Australia.

Then suddenly without any warning we were arguing and fighting full force again. It had taken me a while to understand that my Mum was killed and I survived, but the doctor had explained that the spider had injected a lot more venom into her so it had killed her quicker and apparently I was almost dead when we arrived. Understandably I was now absolutely terrified of spiders and I still had nightmares about that day. When I knew he was standing in front of me I sighed and opened my eyes.

He had one hand pressed against the lockers above my head and was leaning down all in my personal space with a smirk on his face. He still had the same messy black hair and eyes so dark that they were almost black just the same as when he had first arrived in the house next door. What was different though were the muscles he was developing in his chest and shoulders.

Get PDF Shades Of The Iris (Gladden Halya Saga, Book 1)

I got detention for that you know. I smirked at him. Was real fun trying to get all of the glitter out of my books. Did you want something? He pressed his hand against the lockers close to my hip blocking me in. Meet me out front after school. He had only just received his licence and he was a pretty crazy driver, the first time I had been in the car with him was the only time that I questioned if I had travel sickness or not, but it was just his driving. The minute he turned his back and headed down the hallway with the girl I leaned my head back against the locker and closed my eyes.

My eyes snapped open when I heard girls scream and guys chuckle from the opposite end of the hallway that Lucian was walking. The girls had stopped screaming and the guys were walking down the hallway still looking amused, I figured they had just frightened them or something so I shrugged it off leaning against the locker again. Instead of answering I simply frowned at them in confusion until the guy who was maybe Robert moved out of the way revealing his friend holding a tarantula in his hand. Now if I was any other girl, I probably would have simply screamed, they would have laughed and then moved on, but with the history I had that I was sure they were completely unaware of I reacted to it just as I had every other time I had seen a spider since Australia.